Frequently Asked Questions

What is wig & cap Sizing?

XSmall- 20 to 20.75 circumference 
Small - 21 to 21.75 circumference
Medium - 21.75 to 22.5 circumference
Large - 22.5 to 23 circumference
Extra Large 23 to 23.5 circumference

If a cap runs differently then standard sizing, the circumference will be disclosed in listing. 

What kind of hair do you use?

Hair Envy uses premium Brazilian texture as well as Premium European hair texture.

Are your knots bleached?

Yes! Knots are bleached to the lightest and safest degree possible. Over-bleaching can weaken the knots leading to the hair falling out. You can place a Cica strip (scar away strip) in side the cap to help disguise knots more if desired. Light translucent powder helps on top of lace as well. Also medical paper tape is another great option. 

We do not recommend any liquid foundation be used on lace, as it can stain the lace and discolor it over time.

What are return hairs?

Return hairs are short pieces of hair, also known as fly-a-ways. They will be on all lace top and hand tied caps. They are easily tamed with a pomade such as Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy (though any pomade will work!)

How often do I wash my wig or topper?

While our general recommendation is every 6-8 weeks, this can vary based on use, and perspiration.

How do you recommend I wash my piece?

Hair Envy pieces should be washed with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners only. Kenra and Pureology both have excellent products for this. I do recommend using professional products for longevity of hair pieces, and my personal preference is the Kenra line. 

Can I apply heat to my pieces?

Yes, you can! Please use a heat protectant prior to any heat being applied to your piece. Please limit the temperature to 350 degrees for the longevity of your piece.

How long will my piece last?

With proper care and maintenance your piece should last 2 years or more!

Maintenance tips?

Adding  argan oil on mid to ends will help keep the hair smooth and shiny, and prevents split ends.

Is your color exact?

While our product photos are not representative - they are the actual products - the lighting and your screen can cause subtle difference in the appearance of the product in your house. We try exceptionally hard to be as accurate as possible in our descriptions!

Do you do repairs?

Hair Envy does not offer repair services. This includes use, such as torn or fraying lace. Please be extra careful with lace tops!

Maintenance tips?

Adding argan oil on mid to ends will help keep the hair smooth and shiny, and prevents split ends.